Sand Blasting

Sand and Abrasive BlastingSand blasting, including abrasive blasting is a common industrial process used to remove surface irregularities on a variety of materials including metals, castings, plastics or composites. The process features a high velocity stream of materials such as sand, steel shot, plastic beads, walnut hulls or grit at a target working material. This operation is done to prepare parts for final finishing (e.g. painting, machining, assembly) or to remove paint, scale or other finish coatings for rework or reclamation.

Some of the key benefits from abrasive blasting filtration include:

  • Worker health protection and minimized potential long term liability
  • Energy savings and conservation through recirculated conditioned air, where feasible
  • Extended machine life
  • Improved part/product quality
  • Reduced housekeeping
  • OSHA & EPA regulation compliance

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