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Silo Saver System

Anti-Overfill Main

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Item # Description
SS216 Overfill and overpressure protection system w/ 4" pinch valve
SS217 Overfill and overpressure protection system w/ 5" pinch valve
SS134 4" Anti-overfill protection system
SS135 5" Anti-overfill protection system
SS130 Overfill control panel and high level alarm
CT005 Overfill and overpressure control panel w/alarm
SW001 Dual pressure switch
BI010 Bindicator with 3 foot 'J' paddle extension
PV4-WM 4" pinch valve
GA000 Rubber gasket for 4" pinch valve
FL024 4" Flange - ANSI-style for overfill system
PV5-WM 5" pinch valve
GA001 Rubber gasket for 5" pinch valve
FL025 5" flange - ANSI-style for overfill system


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