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Electrical Time Parts

Electrical Timer Parts

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Item # Description
ET000 360-120-1 - Second 8 Pin, T2
ET001 360-120-1 - Minute 8 Pin, T1 & T3
ET002 361-120-1 – Second 11 Pin
ET003 RA Door 8 Pin Alternating Relay
ET004 120 Volt Relay, R1
ET006 368-120-1 - Second (Double Timer) 8 Pin, T4
ET011 361-120-1 Minute Timer 11 Pin
ET012 Socket 8 Pin
EB122 Socket 11 Pin
ET077 12 Pole Digital Timer Board
ET078 20 Pole Digital Timer Board
ET079 Jumper, 2 pos, 5mm for ET077
EB246 Fuse IS-AC12X-F1, for ET077
EB247 Fuse IS-AC12X-F2, for ET077
EB009 Voltage transformer
EB010 Fuse, 2 amp, for EB009
EB250 Fuse, 1 amp, for EB009
EB251 Fuse, 8/10 amp, for EB009
EB252 Fuse, 2-1/4 amp, for EB009
EB214 Limit switch for CP-LPR
CP-LPR-LS-KIT Limit switch retrofit kit for CP-LPR, to replace mercury switch


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