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Automatic Transfer Systems

An upgrade from C&W's blower system includes a rotary vane feeder.

Increased productivity and reduced costs are just a few advantages of using C&W’s blower package.

They eliminate the need for blowers on individual tanker trucks, reducing wear on your trucks, decreasing fuel usage, and lowering maintenance costs. Plus, they speed up operations with a quick truck turnaround.

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Specs for the AMT transfer system

Model: Horse Pwr Tons per hr Vane Feeder
AMT-20-8 20 4-6 8”
AMT-20-10 20 7-12 10”
AMT-30-12 30 13-19 12”
AMT-40-14 40 20-24 14”
AMT-50-14 50 20-25 14”
AMT 60-14 60 26-35 14”
AMT-60-16 60 36-40 16”
AMT-75-16 75 41-54 16”
Features & Benefits: 

Transfer System

AMDD BLOWER PACKAGE Includes all the standard equipment of the AirMac blower package, including motor/blower, direct drive, inlet filter, check and relief valves, pressure gauge, and the steel base.
ROTARY VANE FEEDER Rotary vane feeder features a hardened, chrome-plated, gray cast iron inner body, gray cast iron end plates, and a cast iron rotor with tips. Size based on desired material transfer rate. Air purge system included for longer bearing life.
BLOW-THROUGH BOX Allows efficient transfer of material from the rotary vane feeder into the transfer line. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.
ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL Available for 220V or 440V, our control panel is housed in a NEMA 4 weatherproof cabinet. It features a main fused quick disconnect, transformer, sequential timers, and manual push button controls. In addition, includes motor starter, fuses, and overload heaters.
TRANSFER LINE 14’ of heavy-duty pneumatic transfer hose with fittings provided between blower and blow-through box.
OPERATION System is designed to automatically transfer material from day silo to an active silo via signals received from the customers existing high and low level bindicators.

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