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Aeration Blowers

C&W offers AirMac’s aeration blowers to ventilate stagnate silos.

Select from either 3 HP or 5 HP, both equipped with a F-64 inlet filter and 3M Sutorbilt motor. C&W’s AMDD081 offers a 5 HP blower with 140 CFM which can operate up to 5 PSIG, and AMDD082 offers a 3 HP blower with 90 CFM which can operate up to 4 PSIG.

Both units are fabricated on a steel frame and include a coupling, 2 in check valve, spring style 2 in relief valve, and an inlet filter silencer.

C&W aeration blowers are mounted on a steel base and are painted industrial gray with an orange belt guard.

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Blower Horse Power 3 HP 5 HP
Blower CFM 90 140
Type of Motor 3M Sutorbilt 3M Sutorbilt
Blower RPM 2020 RPM 3020 RPM
Maximum Relief Setting 4 PSIG 5 PSIG
Approx. Weight (lbs.) 400 430
Aeration Pad Capacity* 18 28
*Standard Aeration Pads require 3-5 CFM each. Aeration Pad Capacity is based on each pad requiring 5 CFM.

An optional Electrical Control Panel is available and may be ordered separately. The panel includes a quick disconnect, motor starter, manual on/off switch, run light on the face of the unit, and connect point for remote start/ stop. Control Panel is shipped loose.

PART # Description
EC002-3-240 3HP - 230 Volt
EC002-3-480 3HP - 480 Volt
EC002-5-240 5HP - 230 Volt
EC002-5-480 5HP - 480 Volt

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