LPR Silo Dust Collectors

  • CP-LPR
  • Cartridge Pulse Low Profile Round Dust Collector
  • Cartridge Pulse Low Profile Round Dust Collector
  • CP-LPR
  • Cartridge Pulse Low Profile Round Dust Collector
CP-LPRCartridge Pulse Low Profile Round Dust CollectorCartridge Pulse Low Profile Round Dust CollectorCP-LPRCartridge Pulse Low Profile Round Dust Collector

LPR Silo Dust Collectors

1. The silo collector mounts on top of the silo. A tanker truck blows material into the silo.

2. The air enters the collector and the material is collected on the outside of the filter media.

3. The clean air comes through the center of the cartridge and the filtered air is vented through the exhaust port, which is now clean and safe for the atmosphere.

4. The filter media has collected dust from the material and needs to be cleaned. The collector is equipped with a blow pipe that cleans filter media with compressed, clean and dry air between 90 and 100 psi.

Turn silo collector ON when truck starts loading silo; turn the silo collector OFF when truck is turned off and no longer loading.

5. Pipe has blow-down orifices sending pulse of air down through filter media. Adjustable timer-controlled solenoid releases a pulse of air and removes dust from outside of filter media.

6. The dust that was pulsed off the cartridges then settles into the silo.

7. The LPR Silo Collector is equipped with a safety feature designed to turn off the flow of compressed air to the solonoid valve and blow pipes when the lid is raised beyond 10 degrees.

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Specifications LPR-4-S LPR-6-S LPR-8-S
Total filtration area (sq. ft.) 210 315 420
Number of cartridges 4 6 8
Cartridge size 8" x 39" 8" x 39" 8" x 39"
Air to cloth ratio 5.57 5.57 5.57
Overall height (includes mounting flange) 72” 72” 72”
Flange diameter 44" o.d. 44" o.d. 44" o.d.
Approx. weight (lbs.) 670 695 720
Compressed air required 3 3 3
CFM recommended* 1,170 1,760 2,340
Min. design efficiency** 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
Cleaning mechanism pulse jet pulse jet pulse jet
CFM shown for typical application - unique application may change CFM.
Using standard test conditions**
  • Automatic on/off flow switch (optional)
  • Minihelic gauge
  • Special adaptable mounting flange
  • Air tank auto-drain
  • Silo anti-overfill system
  • Pressure relief valves and bin indicators


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