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Reverse Air Dust Collectors

1. Reverse Air central collectors are designed to collect dust from multiple points, such as mixer truck charging points or central mixers, cement weigh batchers, and silos.

2. Ducting is installed to different dust sources and proper hoods are used to pull dust into ducting and down into central collector.

3. Contaminated air enters the multi-compartment dust collector through the lower section and moves into the collector hopper.

4. Heavy dust particles settle out of the air stream and into the hopper bottom because of the reduction of air velocity.

5. Dust-laden air flows up through the inside of filter bags where dust particles are trapped. Filter bags allow clean air to pass through to clean air chamber.

6. Clean air flows through the fan and into the environment.

7. When reverse air door on top of unit opens to air from environment, flow of air is reversed through bags and cleaning cycle is initiated. This causes bags of one compartment to clean. The cleaning cycle is alternated between compartments.

8. Cleaning cycles of filter bags is automatically programmed by control panel. Time between cleaning cycles is controlled by one simple timer in control panel.

9. During bag cleaning cycle, air diverter door opens above one compartment, redirecting air flow, causing dust to be released from bag and fall into hopper below. The cycle rotates between compartments so each is cleaned in rotation.

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Specifications RA-120 RA-140 RA-170 RA-200 RA-280 RA-340
Total filtration area (sq. ft.) 955 1433 1734 2148 2865 3468
Number of bags 48 72 72 108 144 144
Bag diameter and length 8"x114" 8"x114" 8"x138" 8"x114" 8"x114" 8"x138"
Normal air capacity (CFM) 5,000 6,500 8,000 10,000 13,000 15,000
Static pressure drop 6"W.C. 6"W.C. 6"W.C. 6"W.C. 6"W.C. 6"W.C.
Air to cloth ratio (ft/min) 5.2 4.54 4.61 4.66 4.54 4.33
Blower hp 10 10 15 20 25 30
Min design efficiency* 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Filtration velocity ft/min 5.2 4.54 4.61 4.66 4.54 4.33
Outlet area ft2 1.91 2.29 2.85 2.85 4.19 5.17
Outlet velocity ft/sec 43.6 47.31 46.78 58.48 51.71 48.36
Cleaning mechanism reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air reverse air
*At standard test conditions
Features & Benefits: 
Benefits Features:
Easy to maintain Tool-less exchange of filter media
Top entry for clean side filter exchange
Efficiency 99.9% filtration efficiency*
Felt polyester bags
Efficiency, compact Snap-in bags
Performance Mini-helic gauge
Hopper vibrator
Reliable, easy to operate Solid state adjustable timers w/LED display
Long lasting, durable 10 gauge, cambered steel construction
Safety, OSHA-compliant Ladders, platforms, and handrail
  • Manual or automatic recycle systems
  • Custom shrouds and snorkels
  • Silo anti-overfill system
  • Screw conveyor with “V” hopper
  • Available in mobile units
  • Additional Services:
    • Customized layouts
    • Training
    • Professional consultation

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