Jobsite Report: Two (2) CP-70,000 Dust Collectors for Sand Blasting Booth

C&W supplied two (2) CP-70,000 Dust Collectors for High Concrete’s silica sand blasting operation.

C&W supplied a custom duct layout for the operation, all duct runs were 60” in diameter.

Cat-walk connects the two collectors, accessed by a caged ladder. All platforms meet OSHA requirements.

Dual 60” duct lines entering the building and connecting to the slotted side draft hood.

C&W supplied 150 HP fans for each collector. Each fan included a silencer with rain hood. Noise levels reduced to: 85 dba @ 10 ft in an open field.

C&W supplied two (2) slotted side draft hoods inside the 50’ wide 150’ long 36’ high building. Both feature top pyramidal inlets and draw air from one end of the building, to the collector, to purify the air inside the building.

Also supplied with each collector is a Digihelic gauge - this allows the unit to clean based on the Delta P reading, not based on timers, so the collector only cleans the cartridges as needed. Thus, extending filter media life and reducing compressed air usage.

Each CP-70,000 features:

~ 14,476 Sq. Ft of Filtration Area

~ Each collector has two 55 gallon barrel drops to collect dust for easy disposal

~ 70,000 CFM with 150 HP Fan @ 8” W.C.

~ 99.9% filtration efficiency

~ 60” galvanized, flanged ducting

~ 140 cartridges - 8” x 78” with tool-less filter media exchange for easy maintenance

~ Dual pyramidal hoppers with high level indicators





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