Jobsite Report: Two (2) CP-34,000C for Sand Drying & Classifying

C&W was contracted by Industrial Sand to fabricate both dust collectors, design a custom duct layout which included 98 various dusting pick up points, and helped with the plant start up to balance the system.

Each pick up point requires 4,000 ft/min velocity, and adjustable slide gates were used to achieve this velocity throughout the plant.

C&W supplied two (2) CP-34,000 Central Dust Collectors for both sand classification buildings. Building A  has 54 pick-up points for the dust collector. Building B has 38 pick-up points plus the rotary kiln fugitive discharge dust.

C&W Supplied 16 & 18 gauge galvanized steel snap-together ducting for the entire facility. Ducting ranged from 4” to 38” diameter.

For the entire facility, C&W supplied the following ducting for: 9 bucket elevators, 1 surge hopper displacement, 22 screens, 36 belt conveyor transfers, 8 hose adapter boxes, and 22 custom built hoods for the bucket elevator feeds/discharges and belt conveyor feeds/discharges

Sand collected from the two CP-34,000 units, dumps from a single-blade counter-weighted dump valve into a screw conveyor. From the screw conveyor the customer transfers sand onto a belt conveyor for easy dust removal..




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