Jobsite Report: Refurbishing Facility 20,000 CFM Cartridge Units

In July 2006, C&W supplied a local Sand Blasting Facility with 4 large units, two of which were 40,000 CFM and the other two being 20,000 CFM units.

Each unit has 4728 sq. ft. of cloth area, offering 20,000 CFM at 8.0" of w.c. Each 20,000 CFM unit contains 49 cartridges in 7 rows with 99.99% filtration efficiency. The motor is a high efficiency 40 HP for driving the fan. Ducting is 28" in size and galvanized.

C&W supplied an Eductor Blower and one (1) Roll-off Bin for each collector to store the particulate matter from the sand blasting.

The dust collectors collect the dust and the Eductor blower pneumatically conveys the material to the Roll-off Bins. Once the Roll-off Bins are full, they are hauled off, emptied, and material is properly disposed.





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