Jobsite Report: Hanson Brick

Two C&W Dust Collection Systems for a Mixer Drum w/ De-bagger and a Brick Coloring Station. At each ducting pick-up point, C&W supplied an aluminum slide gate to balance air flow. C&W also supplied the Snorkle Box.

C&W Supplied Hanson Brick’s Mixer Drum and De-Bagger with:

  • One CPR5000 Central Dust Collector with barrel drop
  • Snorkel Box
  • Ducting to the De-Bagger and Mixer Drum

Brick Coloring Station features:

Mixer tanks contain coloring powder that’s dispensed with a shaking mechanism  onto the bricks below which are located on a moving conveyor. When the shaking mechanism is in use, this creates a large amount of dust. To solve this problem, C&W customized an enclosed cabinet with plexi-glass windows to capture the fugitive dust.

C&W supplied ducting to each mixer tank.







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