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C&W Manufacturing and Sales, Co. has two upcoming tradeshows for 2017.

Upcoming Tradeshows


Powder Bulk Solids Show         
April 24 - 26, 2018
Booth # 2145
Rosemont, IL        


Press Releases:

Press Release - Celebrating 30 Years In 2008!!

Press Release -
C&W goes thru recapitalization
June 1, 2016

Press Release - C&W Announces New Slump Master Gen 3

Press Release -
C&W Announces New
Slump Master Gen 3

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Press Release - C&W Announces New Slump Master Gen 3

Press Release - Celebrating 30 years in 2008

Dust Collection Systems Product News

As C&W continues to improve our manufacturing processes, we continually keep the customer top of mind. Lean Manufacturing has been a strong influence at C&W for the past few years, and has dramatically improved our processes and way of thinking.

Innovations in 2010:

In 2010 C&W redesigned the standard CP Central Collector line. Combining recent engineering innovations, C&W improved the standard CP line with increased CFM coupled with the most advanced cleaning system on the market today. Built to last, these redesigned units have a smaller footprint and increased CFM while providing the same 99.99% efficiency.

Innovations in 2008:

Slump Master III - Slump Inspection Platform

Slump Master III - Slump Inspection Platform

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In the fall of 2008, C&W introduced the 3rd Generation Slump Master Safety Inspection Platform. Newly re-designed, the SM88 G3 is the most innovative, safe, and convenient way to check your concrete's slump, add fiber additives, and wash down trucks.

The Slump Master III boasts many features and benefits such as:

  • Single and Double Units now ship motor-freight in a wooden crate
  • Single is 22% lighter; Double is 50%+ lighter than the previous version
  • Significant freight savings due to compact shipping size and lighter weight
  • The Double Unit now unitizes only one tower thus having a smaller footprint
  • Single and Double units feature a durable galvanized finish with self-cleaning fiberglass decking and stairs.

The Slump Master III provides maximum utility for front- and rear-discharge mixer trucks. Built for harsh environments, Slump Master III has been designed for long-lasting durability while keeping personnel safe.

Innovations in 2007:

In early 2007 C&W introduced to the industry the Modular Cartridge Pulse (MCP) Central Dust Collector at the 2007 World of Concrete Show. Designed by C&W's leading Engineers, the MCP combines all the features and benefits from C&W's other technologies, making this our most customer-friendly dust collector. This collector features improved cartridge and cleaning system designs, plus is the most cost-effective collector C&W sells.

C&W offers combinations of 5000 & 7500 CFM modules that when combined create multiple CFM's up to 20,000. We also have the ability to customize any of the modules to create any desired CFM at any Air-to-Cloth ratio. All maintenance and service points are at ground level for ease of maintenance except for filter media and solenoids, tool less filter media exchange as blowpipes are attached to the lid, and the air tank and solenoids are housed inside the unit to eliminate moisture build-up.

To learn more about the MCP, see this photo highlighting key benefits or read our Press Release on the unit.

Innovations in 2005:

2005 brought new product innovations to C&W. First, in mid-January of 2005 C&W began manufacturing Shaker Silo Dust Collectors. C&W decided to add this Silo collector to their product line-up after numerous customer requests for a Silo Collector that did not use compressed air so the unit would not freeze in cold weather conditions. The Shaker Silo Collector does just that - it does not use compressed air during operation; therefore the unit will not freeze in sub-zero weather.

Innovations in 2004:

At the 2004 World of Concrete Show, C&W introduced Low Profile Round Silo Collectors. These unique units have a low working height of 46", feature EXPANDABLE filtration capacity to grow and expand with the changing needs of producers, and tool-less media exchange. For more information on this product, click here.

For more information about any of C&W products, please contact C&W directly at (800) 880-DUST or call an authorized C&W dealer in your area,

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