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Case Study: Sand Blasting Industry

C&W Manufacturing and Sales, Co. Manufacturing, a class-leading provider of dust filtration and recapture systems, was contracted by a Texas-based customer for development, building, installation, and integration of four cartridge pulse collectors. These advanced filtration systems are capable of processing up to 40,000 CFM with 99.99% efficiency, and easily provided the performance and capacity that this customer required.

After an on-site analysis, we made necessary design modifications that allowed for better facility integration. The customer ordered two 40,000 CFM units and two 20,000 CFM units, each adapted to work with collector bins. Production of the four ordered units as well as full operational testing followed. Installation, handled by our own personnel, consisted of setup, connection with ductwork, and training of customer personnel in charge of operation and maintenance.

Through extensive attention to customer needs and high quality production, C&W Manufacturing is able to reliably bring high performance air filtration solutions. To learn more about our role in this project, or to discuss how our equipment can benefit your facilities, contact us today.

Product Description
Cartridge Pulse Collectors
4 large units, two of which were 40,000 CFM and the other two being 20,000 CFM units
  • 4728 square feet of cloth area for 20,000CFM
  • 49457 square feet of cloth area, offering 40,000CFM
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering - Site/Material Analysis
Manufacturing Dust Collection System
Overall Part Dimensions
26’3”tall ,31’long and 13.5’wide
2 inlets both 81”x7.75”
Exhaust fan, 46.5”
Sandblasting Media
In process testing/inspection performed
Full System Functionality Tests
On-Site System Balancing
On-Site System Function
Industry for Use
Sand Blasting
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
20,000 CFM cartridge units and 40,000 CFM cartridge units
Additional Facts
Supplied an Edictor Blower and one (1) Roll-off Bin for each collector to store the particulate matter from the sand blasting
The dust collectors collect the dust and the Eductor blower pneumatically conveys the materials to the Roll-off bins. Once the roll-off bins are full, they are hauled off, emptied and material properly disposed

20,000CFM unit has a motor with a high efficiency 40 hp for drive of the fan with a 99.99% filtration efficiency
40,000CFM unit has a motor with a high efficiency 75 hp for drive of the fan with a 99.99% filtration efficiency

4728 square feet of cloth area, offering 20,000CFM at 8.0” of w.c. Each 20,000 CFM unit contains 49 cartridges in 7 rows
49457 square feet of cloth area, offering 40,000CFM at 8.0” of w.c. Each 40,000 CFM unit contains 98 cartridges in 14 rows
Ducting is 28” in size and galvanized

Two days of supervised training for maintenance and operation of the 2 collectors

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