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Case Study: Mining Industry

An Oil & Gas Industry customer contracted C&W Manufacturing and Sales, Co. to deliver two of our turnkey Model CP-900 dust collectors. These industrial devices are capable of filtering areas of up to 1,069 sq. ft., with 99.9% efficiency. We supplied these advanced dust collectors with a modified duct layout per customer requirements.

Our work began with a site analysis of the customer's facilities. Discoveries made here were used in the design phase, where the ductwork was modified to best integrate with the customer's facilities. Our manufacturing of the CP-900 units followed, with the design changes implemented. Once built, we handled the installation and in-situ testing of the units on-site. These dust collectors measured 3' 5" long, 4' 7" wide, and 20' high.

Through an intelligent design process and attention to customer need, we developed a complete filtering solution for this customer. To learn more about what we did in this project, or to see how we can help your facility needs, contact C&W Manufacturing today.

Model Cp-900 Dust Collectors
  • 1,069 Sq. ft Filtration Area
  • Collector for resin-coated sand
  • Internal Fire Suppression system with ducting and an explosion vent in the collector
  • 6300 CFM with 25 HP Fan @ 13" W.C.
  • 99.9% filtration efficiency
  • Collectors have a 55 gallon barrel drop to collect dust for easy disposal
  • Tool-less filter media exchange for ease of maintenance.
  • C &W supplied a custom duct layout for each terminal using Easy-UP snap together ducting
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering - Site/Material Analysis
Manufacturing Dust Collection System
Installation Integration
Overall Part Dimensions
Height: 20'
Length: 3'5"
Width: 4'7"
In process testing/inspection performed
Full System Functionality Tests
On-Site System Balancing
On-Site System Function
Industry for Use
Oil & Gas Industry
Delivery Location
George West ,TX
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
C&W's CP-900

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