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Case Study: Cement Industry

In need of a complete filtration solution for a cement terminal, a Washington and Texas -based customer contracted C&W Manufacturing and Sales, Co. for original equipment sourcing. With an exceptional selection of high performance filtration systems, we were more than able to provide a turnkey solution in the form of our CPR-9000 silo dust collector.

Our CPR-9000 system features the capabilities that this customer required, including easy maintenance, redundancy, 99.9% filtration efficiency, and a wide variation of square feet. filtration area. We began production of our system with an on-site analysis, noting what modifications were necessary for installation. Our design work, and then manufacture of the customer CPR-9000 unit followed.

Delivery and installation was handled by our own installation personnel. Post-production functionality testing, as well as on-site testing/balancing, ensured compliance with the quality and performance demands of the customer. At the conclusion of this project, multiple units had been built, delivered, tested and installed.

C&W Manufacturing is a committed supplier of many turnkey equipment products for manufacturing facilities. With a robust selection of fugitive dust collectors available, C&W Manufacturing is able to provide a built-to-order solution for your facility’s air quality and recapture needs. To learn more about the project highlighted here, or to start a discussion about our services, contact us today.

Product Description
Round Easy Clean (or CPR) silo Collectors
  • 1,234 Square ft. Filtration Area
  • Pulse jet Cleaning of cartridges
  • 99.99% filtration efficiency
  • Comes Pre-assembled for quick install
  • Top Entry for clean-side filter exchange
  • Gas-Spring assisted lid for easy filter media access
  • Pulse Jet cleaning of cartridges
  • Most Dust-free loading systems possible
  • Discharge rate 150 tons per hour
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering–Site/Material Analysis
Manufacturing Dust Collection System for a Cement Terminal Secondary:
System Integration
In process testing/inspection performed
Full System Functionality Tests
On-Site System Balancing
On-Site System Function
Industry for Use
Cement Distribution
Delivery Location
Seattle, WA and Houston, TX
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
CPR-9000 Silo units
Additional Facts
99.99%filtration efficiency
Top Entry for clean-side filter exchange
Tool-less filter media exchange for ease of maintenance
2000 Ton Bolted Silo
Three 200 ton welded Silos
2600 Tons of total storage
400,000 tons of cement per year
1500 to 1750 tons per barge
10" line that runs 390ft at 30000 PSI
Truck scale time 5 mins
Truck loading 19 tons per min. Valve open time 2 mins for loading
Twelve (12) 8' X 78" Cartridges in each Unit
Cartridge Size 8"x78"

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