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Case Study: Food Industry

SW Bakery Dust Collection
SW Bakery Dust Collection
SW Bakery Muffin Line
SW Bakery Muffin Line

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A local muffin bakery contacted C&W Manufacturing for the installation of an air filtration solution for their english muffin line. We recommended our stainless steel CP-305 dust collector, a high performance system capable of 1850 CFM that meet or exceeds all food grade requirements. We were contracted to fabricate this system, make the necessary integration changes, and supervise the install.

Our work started with a complete site analysis of the bakery, were we designed our unit for two pick up points – one under the sifter catch box and the other on the griddle. We developed a custom duct layout and material return system for re-use in the sifter. We comprehensively tested operation and performance before and after delivery, ensuring that a high caliber product was received by the customer.

With 99.99% filtration efficiency, our CP-305 product is an industry-leading solution for facility air control and dust recapture. To learn more about its use in this project, or how your facility stands to benefit from our other air filtration products, contact C&W Manufacturing today.

PDF Muffin Bakery Jobsite Report (PDF - 1000KB)

Product Description
CP- 305 Dust collector for a corn blend muffin factory
  • 420 Square feet of Filtration Area
  • Dual rotating probes in the hopper of collector to monitor accumulation and recycle collected material as needed
  • Handles a Maximum temperature of 260 F
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Engineering – Site/Material Analysis
Manufacturing Dust Collection System
Overall Part Dimensions
Height: 5’2”
Width: 4’8”
Length: 2’4”
Corn Blend
Material Used
Stainless Steel
In process testing/inspection performed
Full System Functionality Tests
Industry for Use
Food Grade Industry
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
CP-305 Dust Collector
Additional Facts
All components of collector meet NFPA 654 standards and food grade requirements
Explosion Vent and Quencher Handles a maximum temperature of 260 °F (units on average runs around 120°F)
1850 CFM with 7.5 HP Fan @ 11” W.C.
99.99% filtration efficiency
Supplied two pick-up points –one under the sifter catch box and on the griddle
Cartridge Size: 8”x 39”

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