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August 2016 ~ Immediate Release

C&W Manufacturing, the industry leader in dust control products, announced a recapitalization with B12 Capital Partners effective June 1, 2016.  Deryl Beakley has owned C&W Manufacturing since 1992 where he led the company to become the most sought after dust control solution with high quality dust collectors in the concrete/construction industries.  Partnering with B12 Capital Partners will provide a stronger footing for C&W into the future with expanded sales, investments and technology.

Deryl Beakley will retain his position as CEO and remain in the ownership group.  C&W Manufacturing’s headquarters will remain in Alvarado, Texas with the same management team and employees. 

“This is an exciting time for everyone at C&W Manufacturing, “Deryl Beakley said “We look forward to a synergistic partnership with B12 and expanding our product line and market presence in various industries.  Our customers will remain the driving force to provide quality products and outstanding customer service – our business philosophy will not change – it will only improve over the coming years.”

Mike Wedel, a partner at B12 Capital, says "C&W Manufacturing is a great company that does business throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. It's a well-run company with a great management team that we're proud to be a part of."   B12 Capital has served operating and investor roles in material handling and has a solid understanding of the industries.


C&W Manufacturing & Sales Co. Mission Statement

It is the mission of C&W Manufacturing and Sales Co. to serve our customers by providing them with the highest quality environmental equipment available at a value price.

Our primary priority is to develop and maintain long-term working relationships with each customer. This relationship will be based on providing superior products, communication, computer design engineering, workmanship, field installations, and continuing education of key personnel.

We will manufacture, sell, and install top quality products while striving to provide our customers with leading technology, custom-designed to meet their custom needs.


C&W is Actively Involved in Numerous Industry Associations

Texas Aggregates and Concrete AssociationTexas Aggregates and
Concrete Association
National Ready Mixed Concrete AssociationNational Ready Mixed
Concrete Association




C&W History

C&W Manufacturing started as a seedling in 1978, but has grown at a substantial rate, especially since the early 2000's. This enormous growth has lead to a relocation and several expansions. Numerous new and innovative products have been one of the catapults to this growth, along with the economic growth in the industry and exploring new markets for our dust collection products. Customer service has been a primary focus for our company and will continue to help C&W maintain their competitive advantage.


C&W Manufacturing began as a small company that offered shaker central dust collectors to batch plants. Origins of the company began in the early 1970's with a resurfacing in 1978 as C&W Manufacturing. In 1992, C&W had nine employees and 8,600 square feet of operating space when Deryl Beakley purchased the company. Under Deryl's leadership, C&W's sales have grown thirty (30) fold. In 1997, C&W relocated to a new facility in Alvarado, Texas, just south of Fort Worth. This new facility increased operations space to 14,400 sq. ft, which was then expanded to 34,400 sq. ft. in 2002, and yet another expansion in 2006 to increase office space and give overall operational space just under 40,000 sq ft.  Currently, C&W has forty six  (46) employees and is continuing to grow in size and sales due to an increasingly high production demand and widening scope of industries we market our dust collectors.

Causes of Growth

Under Deryl's leadership, C&W has experienced tremendous growth due to new and improved technologies, innovation of new products, and customer service. C&W has increased the sale of Central and Silo Dust Collection units from 32 total units in 1992, to 400+ units annually (average for the past 3 years). The product line of the company has expanded to include material handling systems, safety inspection platforms, silo protection and warning systems, On-Demand cleaning systems for Filter Media, and other other environmental solutions

Deryl Beakley, President claims, "Our products are more visible now than ever." In fact, in a recent study by Readex Research and The Concrete Producer, C&W was rated the highest quality dust collectors in the industry. Another research report stated that C&W had over 50% "Top-of-Mind" awareness in the cement industry for dust control products. Currently, C&W has two (2) regional managers and twenty-seven (27) dealers selling nationwide to numerous organizations and three (3) international dealers selling to Canada and Mexico.

C&W Manufacturing was recapitalized in June 2016 with B12 Partners.  C&W will continue to focus on groth and innovations with a stronger footing into the future.


C&W has the reputation of being an innovator in the dust control field. Being an industry innovator has always been one of C&W's objectives and strengths. One of the first successful developments was the complete Mobile Dust Collector unit in 1996; which travels in operating position with no road permits required. C&W's mobile collector was featured on AEM's (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) "History of Equipment" Limited Edition poster and includes quick connect/disconnect to air, power, and ducting. The company saw the demand for mobile dust collectors from large paving organizations, which move operations many times a year and developed the mobile dust collector for producers on the move.

C&W was one of the first to move away from the old shaker style collectors and continues to focus on the advantages of pulse jet technologies, as well as reverse air systems. The company's product line includes central, silo, weigh scale, and mobile dust collectors using cartridge pulse, pulse jet-bag, or reverse air technologies. Expanding the product line to include pneumatic material handling systems, anti-overfill protection and warning systems, (Silo Saver Systems),and  a slump inspection work platform, (Slump Master G3).  All of these products were 'firsts' in the concrete industry.

Silo Saver Systems are designed to combat the three (3) most common threats to a silo and/or dust control equipment: high pressure, overfilling, and broken media filter. Slump Master G3 is a concrete slump inspection platform used to check slump, add fiber additives, and wash your truck on a safe platform following OSHA's regulations. The Slump Master has proven to be a "hit" among batch plants concerned with safety and environmental issues.C&W also introduced in 'Smart Clean' which is an on-demand cleaning system for your filter media which can decrease compressed air usage up to 70% thus extending the life of your filter media.  Also introduced by C&W is the datalogger system to carefully monitor your emissions so producers adhere to EPA guidelines.

"We (C&W) have attempted to be a leader in the industry with continuous innovations, we believe the customer deserves to have the best and most up to date technology and we hope to continue to be a leader in that aspect," claims Deryl Beakley, President.

Customer Service

Deryl emphasizes the importance of the customer, "Our business is based on customer service; we are continuing to search for better methods to serve our customers and satisfy their specific needs. We believe that the key to success is repeat sales, and we are determined to provide our clients with the service they deserve and expect."

C&W's East Coast Regional Sales Manager, Paul Almand, believes C&W's strength lies in the fact that they listen to their customers' concerns or complaints about a product and make the appropriate changes. Paul gives examples of C&W's strong customer service: custom designing any product to meet a customer's specific needs, standing strongly behind our warranty, returning phone calls in a timely manner, and ensuring that every need or concern of the customer is fulfilled. C&W believes that a business built on customer service will continue to grow well into the 21st century as their reputation builds a broader base of customers.

The Future

Industry growth and the introduction of new products will continue to drive C&W Manufacturing into the future. The company plans to maintain its concentration in dust control systems and focus on other related industries, such as aggregate, sand, food processing and other fine powders. The direction of C&W can be summed up in a statement by Mr. Beakley, "As growth continues, we can't lose sight of our customers' wants and needs; they are our number one priority."

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